All You Need to Know About Nursing Jobs in Canada

nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses

The global health crisis has ensured that all the countries in the world take a good look at their health infrastructure and facilities. This has allowed the movement of doctors, nurses and other medical staff a lot more than before. This is mostly because there can never be enough facilities. There is always room for more improvement. Many countries recognise where they are lacking. They are trying to improve immediately by having doctors and medical staff from other countries work for them. This is why there are so many nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses now. If you are looking to settle abroad, there are certain things you have to keep in mind.

Are You Eligible for a Nursing Job in Canada? 

You have to check your basic qualifications before you can even think of going abroad. These are different for different countries, so see if you fit Canada’s requirements or not. You will need a General Nursing and Midwifery Degree or a B. Sc. in Nursing. Along with this, you will need a few years of experience in the field in order to apply. The IELTS test has to be taken by everyone who is thinking of going to Canada- for work, as a student, anything. This test checks how well you can read, write and speak English. Despite all these boxes being ticked for you, you will not be allowed to practice if you are not registered in any province in Canada. That is the final step you need to take in this process. Yet again, the entire process hinges on that. The other criteria just make you eligible for this last step. 

What is the Right IELTS Score for You? 

You need to get a 6 on all the categories in order to get an Express Entry. However, this will also just happen when you have completed your individual profile. You may need a different score, if you were unable to get a good score on your profile, that is, 67. This is when you will have to consult with an expert on immigration procedures. They will be able to help you at every step of the way. The test is divided into sections and all the components will happen on the same day. 

“I have studied in Canada. How can I not be a nurse here”? 

While you have all the eligibility you need to apply for a job in Canada. You still need to be officially in a province in order to practice as a nurse there. Different provinces have different requirements. Ontario is the most common and popular place for people to apply to. However, the process is quite similar to the rest of the country as well. Even if you have a Master’s degree from Canada in Nursing or any other medical degree, you still have to clear these tests in order to start your practice.